“Vienna” is a must. Every year in the spring, managers and experts from throughout the world meet at the International Vienna Motor Symposium at the city’s Hofburg to gather information on the latest trends in engine and transmission engineering. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies takes advantage of this industry event to present its engine-related innovations in sealing technology. In multifaceted ways – for example, by reducing friction or decreasing weight or space requirements – its seals contribute to reductions in fuel consumption and emissions, thus advancing engine technology sustainably.

Matthew Chapman,
President Automotive Sales and Marketing

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Matthew Chapman

President Automotive Sales and Marketing

Friction reduction


Low friction - Maximum durability

What may seem like squaring the circle is routine for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies: achieving reliable leak tightness with minimal friction. Absolute reliability and durability extend operating cycles. This can reduce inspection and maintenance costs and prevent breakdowns. The RWDS® combines a magnetic encoder and sensor in a single component and unites accurate signal capture with the best possible static and dynamic sealing performance – and naturally with low friction in the latter case.

BlueSeal, a Simmerring® optimized by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

BlueSeal kills several birds with one stone

Every millimeter saved at a crankshaft Simmerring®, for example, can lead to advantages for the installation space and weight of the entire engine block. The BlueSeal, a Simmerring® optimized by Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, is the quintessential example of this. Its plusses include an installation space reduced by half axially as well as weight savings of up to 40 percent compared to standard seals. In addition, there is a 30 percent reduction in frictional losses. In its high-pressure-resistant version, the BlueSeal is the top choice for high-pressure pumps.

Multi-pole encoders

A clever move

It is impossible to imagine engine management in today’s vehicles without mechatronic sealing concepts such as multi-pole encoders. They precisely capture the rotational speed and position of shafts and, in this way, allow a precise determination of the valve timing cycle for injections in the combustion process. Start-stop systems also cannot do without them. With an absolute-angle encoder in use, the position of the shaft can even be identified from a standstill entirely without forward motion. 

Topic Downsizing / Lightweight Design

Plastic components


The replacement of metal with plastic is a tried-and-tested way to save up to 50 percent of the weight of engine components. This results in less fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Plastic components from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies are not merely “half portions” in terms of weight. They offer other advantages since they allow additional components and functions to be more easily integrated. This principle saves on mounting procedures and improves functional security. Two-component pump housings for oil and water circuits are one example. 3D-molded, fully plastic tubes for oil dipsticks or oil filler necks are another.

Curve Gaskes

Curve Gasket makes waves

With its Curve Gasket, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is offering an innovative space- and material-saving seal that makes it possible to design engine components that are smaller and lighter. This patented innovation generally seals plastic against metal and is the optimal way to attach mounting parts to engines and transmissions while reducing weight. Thanks to its unique, wave-shaped design, less contact pressure and force are needed to press the seal in the groove – with the same sealing performance.

Valve stem seals

Combating the blow-by effect with counter-pressure 

In turbocharged engines with particulate filters, valve stem seals with a counter-pressure lip from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies make possible low emissions and maximum functional reliability long-term. Turbocharged engines build up a high exhaust gas counter-pressure, which can lead to the lifting of the valve stem seal. In this way, exhaust gases (blow-by) can damage the lubrication in the valve guides. The consequences: combustion residue, increased oil consumption, higher emission values, and the impairment of the particulate filter. To a great degree, this is prevented by the new, original valve stem seal with a counter-pressure lip from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

Plug & Seal plug connectors

Connecting tightly 

Plug & Seal plug connectors are used to connect housings, tubes and assemblies quickly,  reliably and tightly over the long haul even at high pressures, for the secure transport of media such as oil, water or air,  for example, in the engine cooling circuit. Plug & Seal plug connections combine several functions and offer diverse advantages.  Their main uses: They replace other, incomplete components such as cast  pipes with machined grooves, flanged aluminum pipes with two mounted O-rings, hoses with hose clamps, as well as flat gaskets and O-ring seals.

Topic Materials

Elastomeric materials 

Elastomeric materials, in the form of natural rubber, have been known for centuries. Elastomers are essential for seals and vibration control applications. Without them, no car would drive, no aircraft would lift off, and hydraulics and pneumatics would be unthinkable. Many elastomer components are high-tech products that meet the highest requirements in terms of temperature, chemical resistance and wear.

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