“Vienna” is a must. Every year in the spring, managers and experts from throughout the world meet at the International Vienna Motor Symposium at the city’s Hofburg to gather information on the latest trends in engine and transmission engineering. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies takes advantage of this industry event to present its engine-related innovations in sealing technology. In multifaceted ways – for example, by reducing friction or decreasing weight or space requirements – its seals contribute to reductions in fuel consumption and emissions, thus advancing engine technology sustainably.

Rainer Joest,
President Automotive Sales and Marketing

Rainer Joest

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Rainer Joest

President Automotive Sales and Marketing

Friction reduction

Topic Downsizing / Lightweight Design

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Elastomeric materials 

Elastomeric materials, in the form of natural rubber, have been known for centuries. Elastomers are essential for seals and vibration control applications. Without them, no car would drive, no aircraft would lift off, and hydraulics and pneumatics would be unthinkable. Many elastomer components are high-tech products that meet the highest requirements in terms of temperature, chemical resistance and wear.

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Upcoming Events

27th Aachen Colloquium

October 08th to 10th, 2018
Aachen, Germany

Wuerzburg, FVA Conference, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Radial Shaft Seals

FVA Information Conference

December 04th to 05th, 2018
Würzburg, Germany

InnoTrans Berlin, Railway, Schwab Vibration Control, HALL, Air spring systems

17th International CTI Symposium

December 03th to 06th, 2018
Berlin, Germany

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